Event special: What we know so far on the US Capitol riot

By Gretel Cuevas While Congress convened to certify the electoral victory of Joe Biden, the United States Congress came under attack after hundreds of Trump supporters violently broke in. Holding arms and flags protesters entered the Capitol after President Trump ended his speech calling his supporters to march on Congress. After months of conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “Event special: What we know so far on the US Capitol riot”

Politicians volunteering to get vaccinated on camera is a band-aid solution

By Jennifer Bergman Europe Analyst Bernie Sanders, Mike Pence, and Joe Biden. Although they may have vastly different political views they all share one thing in common, their COVID-19 vaccination has become immortalised on camera. In light of the recent weeks development in the roll out of vaccines against COVID I am becoming increasingly interestedContinue reading “Politicians volunteering to get vaccinated on camera is a band-aid solution”

The transition conundrum

By Ian Teunissen van Manen North America Analyst It is now almost two months since the 2020 U.S. General election, and there remain serious concerns over the coming transition of power in 2021. Though President-elect Joe Biden has definitively won, and the election results have been certified (Sherman 2020), Donald Trump has not conceded theContinue reading “The transition conundrum”