German federal elections 2021: novelties and uncertainties

By Güney Roman Erturk*Guest Contributor In Germany, it’s “Superwahljahr“ (super election year). In short, this means that multiple elections will take place this year including federal elections, six states and two local elections. Nevertheless, all eyes are on the upcoming federal elections which means that this year is going to be both exciting and unpredictable.Continue reading “German federal elections 2021: novelties and uncertainties”

Bulgaria’s political crisis and its impact on North Macedonia’s EU accession 

By CJ Stowell*Guest Contributor Bulgaria is going to hold its third election of 2021, and North Macedonia is watching with anticipation. North Macedonia has been waiting for EU accession for over two decades, and after a painful compromise with Greece in 2019, the possibility of EU membership seemed within reach (Halasz, Labropoulou, and McKenzie 2019).Continue reading “Bulgaria’s political crisis and its impact on North Macedonia’s EU accession “

Lebanon: a year after the explosion

By Annabelle SabaMENA Analyst When the port of Beirut exploded in August 2020, the entire world turned its attention to the city and mourned its destruction. A month later, Lebanon disappeared from major news outlets’ headlines. In the meantime, however, Lebanon has lived a deepening crisis of bigger consequences and proportions than the 2020 portContinue reading “Lebanon: a year after the explosion”

On the brink of genocide: the state of play of the Tigray Conflict

By Natalie DomaasSub-Saharan Africa Analyst Since November 4 2020, the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia has been entrenched in a civil conflict that has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies seen so far this decade. The conflict began when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered military action to be taken against Tigrayan military forcesContinue reading “On the brink of genocide: the state of play of the Tigray Conflict”

Sweden’s political crisis – what is happening?

By Jennifer BergmanEurope Analyst As a politically stable country, Swedish domestic politics is not usually the centre of focus on the international scene, but two weeks ago, the Nordic country entered into a political crisis. On Monday the 21st of June, the Swedish government passed a vote of no confidence for the Social Democratic rulingContinue reading “Sweden’s political crisis – what is happening?”

Frontex: the controversial European Union agency on the brink of closure

By Fulya Kocukoglu, Europe Analyst On 9 June, 80 human rights organisations, activists and rescue teams across the world addressed an open letter[1] to the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament, calling on them to defund and abolish Frontex, the European border and coast guard agency. The criticisms against Frontex are notContinue reading “Frontex: the controversial European Union agency on the brink of closure”

Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward

By Ian Teunissen van ManenNorth America Analyst Earlier this month, US President Biden embarked on a trip to Europe, marking his first international travel since taking office in January. This trip included stops in the UK for the G7 Summit and Brussels for meetings with EU leaders and the NATO Summit (Miller, 2021). The tripContinue reading “Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward”

A“coup within a coup”: what next for Mali?

By Mert Can Yazici Sub-Saharan Africa Analyst While transatlantic actors are focused on the numerous summits and US President Joe Biden’s 8-day visit to Europe, the key west African nation of Mali is undergoing a coup for the second time in 9 months. The latest coup began with the arrest of Mali’s transitional President BahContinue reading “A“coup within a coup”: what next for Mali?”

Ecological Restoration: it’s time to prioritise biodiversity in reforestation programmes

By Nick GutkinSustainability Analyst On World Environment Day (June 7) 2021, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched its Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a decade-long initiative aiming to promote global action to restore damaged and degraded ecosystems.[i] This has coincided with the release of a workshop report co-led by the IPCC and IPBES (Intergovernmental PanelsContinue reading “Ecological Restoration: it’s time to prioritise biodiversity in reforestation programmes”

What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?

By Jennifer Bergman Europe Analyst On June 14th, NATO is holding its Summit of allied leaders at its headquarters in Brussels, which will focus on the NATO 2030 agenda. In their press release from April this year, the Alliance listed the challenges that they will be covering in their discussions, centring on the topics ofContinue reading “What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?”