Outlook 2021: Russia & FSU region

Unfiltered Voices founder and lead analyst for the Russia & FSU region, Ilayda Nijhar, shares her predictions for the main issues for the Russia in 2021. The 3 main issues for Russia include: the Covid-19 recovery, US-Russia relations, further unrest in the neighbourhood.

Nakhchivan Corridor: What perspectives does it hold?

By Turan Gafarli Russia & FSU Analyst The November 10 ceasefire agreement ended the bloody war which lasted 44 days between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The armistice certified Karabakh to Azerbaijan while creating a new geopolitical reality in the South Caucasus. Aside from the return of Russia and Turkey to the region, the 9th clause ofContinue reading “Nakhchivan Corridor: What perspectives does it hold?”