COP26: a weak deal completely ignoring climate justice

By Nick Gutkin Sustainability Analyst After dominating news headlines over the past two weeks, the much hyped 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) on Climate Change has concluded in Glasgow. As the most important climate change conference since Paris in 2015, this COP represented the year that countries were supposed to tighten their commitments to decreasingContinue reading “COP26: a weak deal completely ignoring climate justice”

Event – The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation

On 7 October 2021, Unfiltered Voices together in partnership the German Marshall Fund of the United States hosted an event on ‘The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation’. Over the decades, the United States and Europe have been each other’s closest political, economic, and military allies. Going forward, both sides ofContinue reading “Event – The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation”

Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward

By Ian Teunissen van ManenNorth America Analyst Earlier this month, US President Biden embarked on a trip to Europe, marking his first international travel since taking office in January. This trip included stops in the UK for the G7 Summit and Brussels for meetings with EU leaders and the NATO Summit (Miller, 2021). The tripContinue reading “Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward”

What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?

By Jennifer Bergman Europe Analyst On June 14th, NATO is holding its Summit of allied leaders at its headquarters in Brussels, which will focus on the NATO 2030 agenda. In their press release from April this year, the Alliance listed the challenges that they will be covering in their discussions, centring on the topics ofContinue reading “What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?”

Carbon neutrality: cooperation between Europe and China

By Blanca Trepat* Guest Contributor Last September 2020, President Xi Jinping announced China’s intention to become carbon neutral by 2060. This pledge could be a tipping point in the fight against climate change at a global level since it will contribute considerably to the already existing European Union (EU)’s efforts in the field of climateContinue reading “Carbon neutrality: cooperation between Europe and China”

Vaccine diplomacy: Russia and China gain influence in Latin America as the US & EU engage in vaccine hoarding

By Gretel Cuevas Latin America Analyst  The race for the coronavirus vaccine has been far from equitable with rich countries hoarding as many doses as they can while developing countries struggle to get a few. While the European Union, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have pre-ordered at least twice the doses toContinue reading “Vaccine diplomacy: Russia and China gain influence in Latin America as the US & EU engage in vaccine hoarding”

Interview series: International Security in 2021

Unfiltered Voices founder Ilayda Nijhar spoke with Bruno Lete, Senior Security & Defence Fellow at the German Marshall Fund and Board Advisor at Unfiltered Voices, about international security issues for 2021. This interview was conducted remotely on January 19th 2021. – In your opinion, what are the top 3 security issues for 2021? The impactContinue reading “Interview series: International Security in 2021”