The transition conundrum

By Ian Teunissen van Manen North America Analyst It is now almost two months since the 2020 U.S. General election, and there remain serious concerns over the coming transition of power in 2021. Though President-elect Joe Biden has definitively won, and the election results have been certified (Sherman 2020), Donald Trump has not conceded theContinue reading “The transition conundrum”

COVID-19 and the future of populism in America

By Gretel Cuevas Latin America Analyst The COVID-19 pandemic has placed governments all over the world under strain, putting to test their capacity to adequately balance the tradeoffs between effective health management and economic growth. Government responses in the three most populated countries of the American continent— Brazil, Mexico, and the United States—have been influencedContinue reading “COVID-19 and the future of populism in America”

Election Special: Four communication errors which cost Trump re-election in 2020

By Konrad Foote North America Analyst Joe Biden is now the President-elect of the United States, winning a majority in the Electoral College, and in the process flipping those key states in the industrial mid-west Trump won against Clinton (e.g. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania). Although the election ended up much closer than the polls predicted, PresidentContinue reading “Election Special: Four communication errors which cost Trump re-election in 2020”