A critical perspective of Net-Zero

By Jose Luis Resendiz Latin America Analyst Net-Zero concept emerged after the international community accepted the need to maintain the global rise of temperature below 2°C. For this purpose, CO2 emissions must be zero by 2050, and all the other GHG must do it by 2067, according to the IPCC. Then, the Net-Zero concept meansContinue reading “A critical perspective of Net-Zero”

The gamble of failing on greening the Latin American financial system

By José Luis Reséndiz Latin America Analyst  The sustainable economic recovery in Latin America is a challenge that leaders may regret not to take up seriously and on time. Unfortunately, the violence and inequality crises from the last decades have led to the wrong perception that the pandemic is just a transitory issue. The regionContinue reading “The gamble of failing on greening the Latin American financial system”