Agroforestry: a climate-smart solution for Europe

By Nick Gutkin Climate Analyst Despite being an ancient farming method practiced by cultures from all over the world, agroforestry is only just now becoming a more widely known concept in Europe. Combining agriculture and forestry, agroforestry refers to different types of land use where woody perennials (such as trees and shrubs) are grown togetherContinue reading “Agroforestry: a climate-smart solution for Europe”

Bulgaria’s third election of 2021: more of the same?

By CJ Stowell Southeast Europe Analyst On November 14th, Bulgaria will be holding its third election of 2021. While President Rumen Radev will almost certainly remain in office, a new contender may make the parliamentary race and the subsequent coalition negotiations more interesting. New parties may not lead to new solutions, and it’s possible thatContinue reading “Bulgaria’s third election of 2021: more of the same?”

Event – The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation

On 7 October 2021, Unfiltered Voices together in partnership the German Marshall Fund of the United States hosted an event on ‘The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation’. Over the decades, the United States and Europe have been each other’s closest political, economic, and military allies. Going forward, both sides ofContinue reading “Event – The Future of Transatlantic Relations: A View from the Next Generation”

Transatlantic relations: rebooted with technology

By Ian Teunissen van ManenNorth America Analyst Since the Biden Administration took office in January of 2021, it has been clear that one of the main agenda items was the renewal of and emphasis on relations between the US and EU (and Europe as a whole). Another major step to that end was established lastContinue reading “Transatlantic relations: rebooted with technology”

Rising grievances among the European youth and its consequences

By Jennifer BergmanEurope Analyst Towards the end of my university years I, as I am sure everyone else does, reflected a lot about my entrance into the job market. During this period, I remember feeling sorry for those who graduated into the 2008-2009 recession, then came 2020 and I graduated into a global pandemic andContinue reading “Rising grievances among the European youth and its consequences”

German federal elections 2021: novelties and uncertainties

By Güney Roman Erturk*Guest Contributor In Germany, it’s “Superwahljahr“ (super election year). In short, this means that multiple elections will take place this year including federal elections, six states and two local elections. Nevertheless, all eyes are on the upcoming federal elections which means that this year is going to be both exciting and unpredictable.Continue reading “German federal elections 2021: novelties and uncertainties”

Bulgaria’s political crisis and its impact on North Macedonia’s EU accession 

By CJ Stowell*Guest Contributor Bulgaria is going to hold its third election of 2021, and North Macedonia is watching with anticipation. North Macedonia has been waiting for EU accession for over two decades, and after a painful compromise with Greece in 2019, the possibility of EU membership seemed within reach (Halasz, Labropoulou, and McKenzie 2019).Continue reading “Bulgaria’s political crisis and its impact on North Macedonia’s EU accession “

Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward

By Ian Teunissen van ManenNorth America Analyst Earlier this month, US President Biden embarked on a trip to Europe, marking his first international travel since taking office in January. This trip included stops in the UK for the G7 Summit and Brussels for meetings with EU leaders and the NATO Summit (Miller, 2021). The tripContinue reading “Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward”

NATO – EU strategic dialogue on the application of artificial intelligence

By Zeynep BasaranGuest Contributor* 2020 was dominated by a global epidemiological crisis, one that continues to challenge the international order in 2021. While trying to mitigate the adverse consequences of the crisis, both Nation States – and the international organisations they are part of – must prepare for the implications of emerging technologies – especiallyContinue reading “NATO – EU strategic dialogue on the application of artificial intelligence”

EU-Africa relations: in search for a “partnership of equals”

By Mert Can Yazıcı Guest Contributor* Since the new European Commission took the office, Africa has been a high priority in the European Union (EU)’s political and diplomatic agenda.[1] This became clear with Ursula von der Leyen’s decision to make her first official visit outside Europe to the African Union (AU) Headquarters in Addis Ababa,Continue reading “EU-Africa relations: in search for a “partnership of equals””