Pandemic fatigue and the recent protest against new Covid-19 restrictions

By Jennifer Bergman Europe Analyst  A month ago, European countries started implementing new restrictions aimed at tackling a recent surge in cases. This sparked a wave of protests across several big European cities, populations that just last year tolerated restrictions such as curfews and lockdowns are now outraged at the prospect of another round. InContinue reading “Pandemic fatigue and the recent protest against new Covid-19 restrictions”

Farmer protests: a representation of India’s inequalities

By Prateek Srivastava South Asia Analyst  India is more than two months into the wave of protests rocking the country. Thousands of farmers from all across the country have been camping outside New Delhi (1) in the braving winter and rain to protest the infamous New Farmer’s laws. As the country awaits its 72nd RepublicContinue reading “Farmer protests: a representation of India’s inequalities”