The US’ ‘Strategic Failure’ in Afghanistan: 20 years in the making

By Ian Teunissen van Manen North America Analyst  When the US completed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan on August 30th, 2021, it officially ended the US’ “longest war” (Parkin & Williams, 2021). However, this was not something that was entirely deserving of celebration- the withdrawal was messy, chaotic, and ultimately was not successfulContinue reading “The US’ ‘Strategic Failure’ in Afghanistan: 20 years in the making”

Outlook 2021: Russia & FSU region

Unfiltered Voices founder and lead analyst for the Russia & FSU region, Ilayda Nijhar, shares her predictions for the main issues for the Russia in 2021. The 3 main issues for Russia include: the Covid-19 recovery, US-Russia relations, further unrest in the neighbourhood.