Carbon neutrality: cooperation between Europe and China

By Blanca Trepat* Guest Contributor Last September 2020, President Xi Jinping announced China’s intention to become carbon neutral by 2060. This pledge could be a tipping point in the fight against climate change at a global level since it will contribute considerably to the already existing European Union (EU)’s efforts in the field of climateContinue reading “Carbon neutrality: cooperation between Europe and China”

The gamble of failing on greening the Latin American financial system

By José Luis Reséndiz Latin America Analyst  The sustainable economic recovery in Latin America is a challenge that leaders may regret not to take up seriously and on time. Unfortunately, the violence and inequality crises from the last decades have led to the wrong perception that the pandemic is just a transitory issue. The regionContinue reading “The gamble of failing on greening the Latin American financial system”

Why men need to care more about our world

By Nick Gutkin Sustainability Analyst It’s no news that in many Western countries, industries exist that are traditionally dominated by men (manufacturing, extraction, finances) while others are traditionally dominated by women (healthcare, customer service, teaching). These gender roles have been the source of much discussion and disagreement, but the fact remains[1]: industries and occupations thatContinue reading “Why men need to care more about our world”

The European Green Deal during Covid-19

By Blanca Trepat* Guest Contributor The COVID-19 crisis has shaken Europe and the whole world by testing our societies, economies and our way of living together. This global pandemic has quickly led to one of the most drastic economic crises of our history. In this context, the European Union has had to react to repairContinue reading “The European Green Deal during Covid-19”