Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward

By Ian Teunissen van ManenNorth America Analyst Earlier this month, US President Biden embarked on a trip to Europe, marking his first international travel since taking office in January. This trip included stops in the UK for the G7 Summit and Brussels for meetings with EU leaders and the NATO Summit (Miller, 2021). The tripContinue reading “Post-Biden Europe trip: what to expect moving forward”

What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?

By Jennifer Bergman Europe Analyst On June 14th, NATO is holding its Summit of allied leaders at its headquarters in Brussels, which will focus on the NATO 2030 agenda. In their press release from April this year, the Alliance listed the challenges that they will be covering in their discussions, centring on the topics ofContinue reading “What can we expect from the NATO 2021 Summit?”

Biden and the Middle East

By Annabelle Saba MENA Analyst The relationship between the US and the Middle East has been on a roller coaster ride since 9/11. The American war on terror brought the Middle East under the highest priority of US foreign policy until Trump’s election in 2016. Since, the Middle East started losing priority under Trump’s administrationContinue reading “Biden and the Middle East”

How can Game Theory help understand post-Brexit UK-US trade negotiations?

By Paul-Henri Minet* Guest Contributor  Since the launch of official trade negotiations between the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) in May 2020[1], the trade position of these two countries has significantly evolved. The reality of Brexit and the election of President Joe Biden are turning points which undoubtedly have an impact onContinue reading “How can Game Theory help understand post-Brexit UK-US trade negotiations?”

Outlook 2021: Russia & FSU region

Unfiltered Voices founder and lead analyst for the Russia & FSU region, Ilayda Nijhar, shares her predictions for the main issues for the Russia in 2021. The 3 main issues for Russia include: the Covid-19 recovery, US-Russia relations, further unrest in the neighbourhood.

Interview series: International Security in 2021

Unfiltered Voices founder Ilayda Nijhar spoke with Bruno Lete, Senior Security & Defence Fellow at the German Marshall Fund and Board Advisor at Unfiltered Voices, about international security issues for 2021. This interview was conducted remotely on January 19th 2021. – In your opinion, what are the top 3 security issues for 2021? The impactContinue reading “Interview series: International Security in 2021”

Fixing a divided nation: areas of interest for the Biden administration (Part 1)

By Konrad Foote North America Analyst (This op-ed is the first part of a longer series on the Biden administration) Inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, there has been much media attention surrounding what actions Joe Biden may take on day one of his Presidency, in his first 100 days, in hisContinue reading “Fixing a divided nation: areas of interest for the Biden administration (Part 1)”

US Capitol Attack: What it means going forward

By Ian Teunissen van Manen North America Analyst  The events at the US Capitol building on January 6th will undoubtedly go down as one of the more shameful moments of US history. Horrific scenes of the Confederate flag being flown in the halls of the center of American Democracy will not soon be forgotten, norContinue reading “US Capitol Attack: What it means going forward”

Event special: “We love you”- Trump supports the end of U.S. democracy in 3 words

By Natalie Domaas After four years of continuous and dangerous rhetoric, the hate fuelled administration of Donald Trump has reached its zenith. On January 6th, 2021 the United States Capitol was stormed by pro-Trump protesters who descended upon Washington D.C. to try and stop U.S. Senators from confirming the electoral votes that would officially ratifyContinue reading “Event special: “We love you”- Trump supports the end of U.S. democracy in 3 words”

Event special: What we know so far on the US Capitol riot

By Gretel Cuevas While Congress convened to certify the electoral victory of Joe Biden, the United States Congress came under attack after hundreds of Trump supporters violently broke in. Holding arms and flags protesters entered the Capitol after President Trump ended his speech calling his supporters to march on Congress. After months of conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “Event special: What we know so far on the US Capitol riot”